xweld-workflow is an API which can be used to support workflow processing. Writing to the API provides you with a pluggable workflow provider that may be swapped into or out of a number of available workflow engines have been supported under the workflow API. A default engine for simple workflow support is provided as part of the platform.

Employing xweld-workflow in your application results in reduced overhead in wiring up the workflow engine to the application, greatly reduces lines of code you need to write, and as a result accelerates application development.

Features that make xweld-workflow an attractive mechanism for implementing workflow in your application include:

A number of common workflow patterns are used in many financial applications. The xweld-workflow API makes it much easier to implement these patterns, and to implement them consistently.
The workflow design process follows industry standards using an established process of defining workflow into your application.
Workflow history and logging can feed MIS reporting on workflow metrics.
Workflow captures history and allows for attachments to workflow items, providing the capability of adding artifacts to workflow items out of the box.

The module documentation is available here:

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