The xweld-core module provides a set of useful foundation classes, base patterns and utility functions for manipulating auditable JPA persistent objects, XML-based JMS messages, grid-cache computing abstraction framework, component configuration and other patterns useful when building applications.

Core components include:

  • XML messaging integration from disparate data sources and sinks, include files, directories, e-mail, JDBC, JPA and more
  • A persistence framework based on JPA, implemented over Envers and Hibernate that supports RESOURCE_LOCAL and JTA transaction management using one consistent API
  • Bulk/Batch data reading from a JDBC data source into any POJO
  • Secure, database resident, audited application configuration without external XML or java properties files that can compromise system security
  • Configurable type conversion
  • A factory interface that encapsulates JSR-299 for J2SE and J2EE applications. The reference implementation of CDI Weld is used by default.
  • A facade for grid-cache computing that has a local JMV implementation (other projects support Coherenece/Infinispan)
  • A useful collection of XML, class and String utilities
  • An application event model
  • Object and field level validation framework

The module documentation is available here:

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